Information systems

For our customer we are able to ensure complete delivery of IS together with related services, where all necessary activities are provided by our experts. From analysis of customer needs, through specification of IS and conducting of process analysis in the customer environment, proposal of system and software architecture of the delivered solution, implementation, testing, document preparation including modification of customer operating rules, training of system users, migration process from an old system to a new one, infrastructure preparation up to consistent support of created IS operation.

Informačné systémy

We can also deliver all these activities independently for our partners since we have great experience with our participation in IT projects realization in the form of sub-deliveries.

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Toll systems

Electronic Toll (ET) Calculator is a sophisticated graphical application similar to route planners that allow informative toll calculation for a given route. ET Calculator contains specialized engines that handle multiple geo models and tariff schemes (road infrastructure, tolled segments locations and their tariffication can vary depending on the day of the trip). The embedded rating module is very similar to that one used in the Central System of the ETS. ET Calculator contains powerful administration application which allows flexible Points of Interest (POI) and tariff table management.

Mýtne systémy

ET Calculator brings a lot of added value for carriers that want to plan their expenses in advance.

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In addition to our products we offer services of a competence center, technological services and consultations regarding tools and creation of testing methodology. The aim of the competence center is to provide customer with a team of specialists who ensure testing of client‘s selected product. The outcome is to deliver information whether all customer requirements were fulfilled and what quality were the deliveries processed in particular phases of project.


The goal of technological services is to support tools from reputable companies such as HP Mercury (HP Mercury Quality Center, HP Mercury Quick Test Professional and HP Mercury LoadRunner) and Borland Silk (Borland Silk Central Manager, Borland SilkPerformer) as well as Open Source solutions. In addition we support tools such as Jmeter, Selenium or our own tools for the needs of testing automation. Technological services also cover the area of adaptation tools such as JIRA or Gemini for managing defects.

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The area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become the indispensable part of our business activities. We focus on design, configuration and deployment of complete GIS solutions ranging from simple embedded applications up to high available complex enterprise architectures.

Kedros M obec

We are able to provide background visualization data for the system according to customer’s needs. In addition, the portfolio of our GIS solutions also covers various specific areas such as real-time assets monitoring, fleet systems and electronic toll systems.

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