Geographic information systems

We employ GIS as an integrating element within software solutions delivered to private companies and to state administration.

Geographic information systems

These days, there is no problem with obtaining data; rather in their correct preparation and interpretation. To deal with the challenge we employ Geographical Information Systems for geospatial data analysis, interpretation and visualization. Our goal is to obtain the most possible comprehensive view on the objective. We are focusing on the domains of transport, municipality and complex portal solutions.

Quality data are obtained in cooperation with companies Mapa Slovakia Digital, s.r.o. and Central European Data Agency, a.s.

Our added value

Open- source software employment

Cooperation with quality data suppliers

Provision of various map services by means of API

Experience with several types of routing implementation (Dijkstra, Yen, Contraction hierarchies)

External system integration (online camera records visualization, parking slots occupancy, air pollution and other)

Our products and their implementation

CWS CEDA Web Services is a set of internet tools for map manipulation. By means of API the customer can use functions such as object tracking, several types of routing, destination and distance matrix calculation, display of parking occupancy status, air pollution information and other.

mObec – a map portal for spatial data presentation used for municipalities support (an example of Cífer minicipality portal).

MSOL – Map Server Open Layers is a modular and scalable solution for dealing with spatial data (vector, raster). It consists of separate backend services and a frontend part that can be customized to customer requirements

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