Since the founding of our company in 2004, we have been working on information system development. We have experience with small IS (tens of man-days) as well as with complex IS (tens of thousands of man-days). We offer our customers an end-to-end information system delivery as well as cooperation on partial tasks of the projects.

Information systems and integration

Building a big information system (IS) usually involves several companies that supply the project with their experience and appropriate experts. A successful project delivery, guarantee of subsequent support accompanied with the further customer’s IS development — those are key tasks of the main supplier – the system integrator. The system integrator is responsible for the project work planning and coordination, the appointment of the project positions by appropriate experts, ensuring the entire high quality of the project, and fulfilment of security requirements defined for the IS.

Our added value

Kedros, a.s. customers are guaranteed a complete delivery of the information system together with all related services, all provided by Kedros experts. The complete delivery covers all activities from customer’s needs and requirements analysis, through elaboration of process analysis in the customer’s environment, the IS specification, designing of system and software architecture, implementation, testing, preparation of customer documentation including the operations guidelines, user trainings, infrastructure preparation, provision of migration of data to the new system and subsequent IS operation.

We offer End to End services.

Ours and partner’s products

eMSMS – our key product is an eMDMS system, which is an executive Head-End System (HES) with Meter Data Management (MDM) characteristics suitable for companies dealing with electricity distribution

Billien – Our company is a business and technology partner of TollNet a.s. for the software product Billien, the purpose of which is to provide comprehensive support of business processes in real time.

The Billien information system is a comprehensive modular solution that, thanks to its high degree of customizability, enables full integration into existing electronic environments and automated communication with surrounding electronic systems. It has been designed and developed as a highly scalable information system that can process millions of transactions daily for hundreds of thousands of users in different economic sectors, so that it can efficiently meet the specific requirements of each industry while maintaining a high level of flexibility.

We are ready to assist you in analysing your requirements, preparing specifications and project documentation, customizing, integrating and configuring the product, and deploying it into real operations. For currently deployed projects, we will provide you with technical support, including operations, implementation of preventive and corrective measures and recovery, while we will further develop them with you according to your needs and plans. Inputs from your projects will serve as essential inputs to the Billien information system, ensuring that the product evolves to meet all your future needs.

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