IT infrastructure

Correctly built IT infrastructure is a basis for Information System stability.

IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure is integral part of IT service provision to end-users. Effective IT infrastructure is easy to operate, it reacts to changing users’ and the company’s  demands and it is able to raise and lower these demands depending on current needs.

In our solutions we prioritise customer needs in creating cost-effective solution, while keeping the quality and service security at the same level

Our added value

In the area of consolidation and infrastructure design Kedros, a.s. offers:

– Consultations, designs and analysis,
– HW delivery and configuration, data migration,
– Virtualization for the most accurate utilization of HW resources,
– Converged and ultra-converged infrastructure,
– High Availability (clustering, disaster recovery),
– Licence consolidation.

In the area of network security we are able to supply:
– IDS/IPS network penetration prevention,
– Penetration tests,
– WAF – Web Application Firewall.

We offer the possibility to use open-source solutions:
– Alternative solutions without the need to buy expensive licences,
– Software Defined Storage (SDS) – ESOS,
– Monitoring (zabbix, kibana…),
– Databases (mariadb, postgres, Apache Cassandra… ),
– Virtualization and cloud  (KVM, openstack).

Our partners

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