Smart metering

We have been a part of smart metering market for several years, offering products and solutions for distribution companies and municipalities.

Smart metering

Within utility sectors there is an ever-growing demand for intelligent solutions capable of advanced control and higher transparency into provided service utilisation. Mainly it concerns electricity, gas and water consumption. “Smart” solutions are being implemented either on the base of smart consumption meters or production meters. This trend dominates areas from local solution of smart buildings, smart grids connecting several junction points, smart cities or municipalities’ solutions to complex solutions for distribution companies.

Our added value

Kedros, a.s. has vast experiences with data collection solutions of a diverse character (object tracking – monitoring systems, fee collection), of which a key part are data collection systems for distribution companies. We focus mainly on energy sector and electricity distribution; however, we have experiences with smart-grid solutions for power industry or more precisely with data collection solutions during gas distribution.

For system deliveries with PLC electrometers and data concentrators we cooperate with our partner Modemtec, whose data concentrators we support.

Kedros, a.s. offers consulting services, metering device integration, system eMDMS, DLMS / COSEM certificate mediation, DLMS / COSEM stack,  DLMS / COSEM Headend system.

Our products and their implementation

eMDMS Our key product is a eMDMS system, which is an state of the art Head-End System (HES) with Meter Data Management (MDM) components suitable for companies dealing with electricity distribution.

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